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Washday Toolbox
Washday Toolbox
Washday Toolbox
Washday Toolbox
Washday Toolbox
Washday Toolbox
Washday Toolbox
Washday Toolbox

Natural Hair Co

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Washday Toolbox

Washday shouldn't be complicated

Having the right tools will make washing your hair feel less like a stressful match - to more like self care ritual it should be. The Toolbox are the essentials you need for:  

Clean Scalp

Clean Dandruff, Psoriasis and flakes gently and effectively

Reduce Breakage

Use gentle techniques and tools that wont break your hair

Promote Hair Growth

Keep split ends away so you can see hair growth 

Free Delivery

No need to go hunting, we will bring it to you

❌ Does washing, detangling and styling your hair take forever?

❌ Do you postpone washday because you don't have the time?


💣 You may not have the right tools! 

Access to the right tools to wash, detangle and style your hair and save hours on washday. 


✅ Imagine having shorter efficient washdays

✅ Imagine a clean, dandruff-free scalp

✅ or freshly trimmed split ends 💁🏽‍♀️...

🎉Imagine everything you need in one convenient place 

🚚 Imagine having all those tools delivered to your door for FREE


Say Hello 👋🏽 to the Washday Tool Box 🧰

Each Washday Toolbox comes delivered to your door with  12 tools that will make washday Fuss Free. 


How to use your tools 


Step 1:

Scalp Massager

✅*Skip this step if your scalp is clean* Apply a generous amount of (any) oil to your scalp and use the scalp massager to gently exfoliate the scalp to remove dead skin caused by Dandruff or Psoriasis. 


✅ Use the scalp massager as a shampoo brush to clean your scalp while washing your hair  


Step 2:

Rat-tail Comb and Hair Clips


✅After washing your hair, use the Rattail comb end to section your hair for easier handling to prepare for conditioning 


✅Use the clips to hold sections as you work on one section at a time. Apply conditioner to your sections one at a time and work through the section 


Step 3:

Wide Tooth Comb and Detangling Brush

✅While conditioning your hair, use the wide tooth comb to gently separate knots and tangles. 

✅For further detangling, use the detangling brush adjusting the bristle, narrowing down the lines for a finer detangle. You can use the brush with or without the removable placeholder on the back of the brush.


Step 4:

Micro-fiber Towel

✅To deep condition, you can cover your hair with a shower cap and a the micro-fiber towel on top to generate heat. Once the conditioner is washed out of the hair, use the micro-fiber towel to dry hair


Step 4: 

Hair Scissors 

✅Continue to your moisture routine while hair is damp, putting hair into small-medium sized twists. Use the hair scissors to trim off split ends


Step 5:

Soft Bristle Brush

✅When putting hair in a style, use the soft bristle brush to brush down hair. You can use the rat-tail comb with the edge brush lay edges or part hair to the desired style.

Step 6: 

Continuous Mist Spray Bottle 

✅After washday has passed and you need to re-moisturize your hair, use the spray bottle filled with water (you can add a little bit of conditioner and oil) to slightly dampen hair. Detangle with a wide tooth comb and continue to moisturize hair with the desired product 

What is in the toolbox:

  • 1x Detangling Brush
  • 1x Hair Scissors
  • 1x Rat-tail Comb with Edge brush
  • 1x Hair Brush
  • 1x Micro-Fiber Towel
  • 1x Wide Tooth Comb
  • 4x Hair Clippers
  • 1x Spray Bottle 

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