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Different types of locs

One of the most common forms of natural hair “styles” are locs, for a long time locs were referred to as a permanent hair style but in essence they are...

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Creating a washday routine

One thing we can all agree on is that no matter how different our hair is, it's important to have a good washday routine for healthy hair growth. This article...

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Scalp Care

Scalp care often refers to ensuring that the hair follicles are not blocked and that the scalp is not inflamed or irritated. Before we can get into what blocks the...

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Using the Washday Toolbox

Hair wash days shouldn't be the enemy in your life and if for any reason you feel that way then maybe you need the washday toolbox. The Washday Toolbox has...

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Postpartum shedding

Shedding is a normal and expected part of our hair life cycle. Shedding refers to the hair that naturally falls out as part of the telogen phase. On average we...

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Hair loss in men

Hair loss is common and can happen to anyone. The reasons for hair loss vary and before we get into the reasons and solutions let's define what hair loss is. ...

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Hairline Loss

One of the most common types of hair loss amongst naturals and people in general is hairline loss. Before we get into hairline loss we need to understand hair loss...

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Natural Hair Master Class with Joan and Carice

Join Joan  and Carice  for a Natural Hair Master Class at My Hairstory Johannesburg 2019  which will be intimate and focused on specific topics. The Master Class will focus on the following topics:...

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