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Using the Washday Toolbox

By :Thando Mavuso 0 comments
Using the Washday Toolbox

Hair wash days shouldn't be the enemy in your life and if for any reason you feel that way then maybe you need the washday toolbox. The Washday Toolbox has all the tools you need to make washday easier and quicker.


Say Hello to the Washday Tool Box 

Each Washday Toolbox comes delivered to your door with 12 tools that will make washday Fuss Free. 


What is in the Washday Toolbox

  • 1x Hair Scissors
  • 1x Rat-tail Comb with Edge brush
  • 1x Hair Brush
  • 1x Detangling Brush
  • 1x Micro-Fiber Towel
  • 1x Wide Tooth Comb
  • 1x Scalp Massager
  • 4x Hair Clippers
  • 1x Continuous Mist Hair Spray Bottle 


How to use your tools 


Step 1:

Scalp Massager

The shampoo brush or also known as the scalp massager can be used on wet or dry hair.

It is essential for deep cleaning the scalp. It gently exfoliates the scalp by removing any product build up and dandruff on the scalp.

The silicone bristles are soft and thus when shampooing and brushing the scalp.

Massages the scalp promoting blood circulation and hair growth.

Who can use it: Everyone can use this tool in the shower or when massaging and oiling the scalp.

How to use: *Skip this step if your scalp is clean* Apply a generous amount of (any) oil to your scalp and use the scalp massager to gently exfoliate the scalp to remove dead skin caused by Dandruff or Psoriasis. 


Step 2:

Rat-tail Comb and Hair Clips


Rattail comb with edge brush

This tool is perfect for styling. The rat tail end ensures great hair parting.

Edge brush is soft, making lying edges easy and gentle.

Rattail end also has a small comb for detangling and brushing down the small hair but will not break your edges.

Rattail made from stainless steel and won’t break easily.

Who can use this: all hair types can use this tool.

After washing your hair, use the Rattail comb end to section your hair for easier handling to prepare for conditioning 


Hair Clips

Good quality hair clamps these hair clamps are made of durable plastic with good tension to ensure a firm grip, good for preventing your hair from slipping, can be used for professional hairdressing and home use.


- Holds hair tight without falling

- Long-lasting

- Suitable for thin to thick hair

- Can be used for wet and dry hair

- Great for small to large sections

- Works well for any hair texture and wigs

- The tooth design makes it easy for release of hair without snagging and tangling on hair

- Grips hair without irritating your scalp

- Teeth design Made for comfort while placed on the head

Use the clips to hold sections as you work on one section at a time. Apply conditioner to your sections one at a time and work through the section 


Step 3:

Wide Tooth Comb and Detangling Brush

Wide tooth comb

 Detangling natural hair is made easier with a wide tooth comb.

Wide enough to go through hair without breaking or damaging it.

Can be used on dry hair to give volume.

Who can use this: most suitable for wavy, curly and coily hair types.

While conditioning your hair, use the wide tooth comb to gently separate knots and tangles. 

Detangling Brush

Detangling brushes are great for detangling knotted and matted hair.

This can be used on washdays in the shower or when applying a deep conditioner.

With adjustable rows to widen or narrow as needed, this makes the perfect tool in between a wide tooth comb and a fine bristle brush.

Made smooth but not silky to ensure comfortable grip.

Who can use it: everyone can use the detangling brush, from knotted hair to even matted hair.

How to use: Section hair into manageable sections. Apply conditioner on the section of hair and start brushing from the tip to the root. Widen or narrow the bristles as needed.

For further detangling, use the detangling brush adjusting the bristle, narrowing down the lines for a finer detangle. You can use the brush with or without the removable placeholder on the back of the brush.


Step 4:

Micro-fiber Towel

Microfiber towel

 Using a microfiber towel on your hair reduces the chances of friction and breakage.

This line of material is much gentle on the hair and is soft to the touch and on the hair.

Does not leave hair brittle.

The button and loop at the back make it easy to tuck the hair away when getting ready.

Who can use it: all hair types can use this towel, especially natural curly and coily hair.

To deep condition, you can cover your hair with a shower cap and a the micro-fiber towel on top to generate heat. Once the conditioner is washed out of the hair, use the micro-fiber towel to dry hair


Step 5: 

Hair Scissors 

Cutting hair with scissors used for other objects leaves split ends which later cause knots. This is why hair scissors that are meant to cut hair like these ones are essential.

Made with stainless steel.

Small for perfect handling.

Sharp, will ensure no split ends.

Who can use it: All hair types can use these hair scissors.

Caution: scissors are sharp and should be stored safely. Keep away from children.

Continue to your moisture routine while hair is damp, putting hair into small-medium sized twists. Use the hair scissors to trim off split ends


Step 6:

Soft Bristle Brush

When styling hair it’s important to have a brush that will not break your hair and with the soft bristles, this brush will be gentle while getting the work done.

Bristles are soft on hair and scalp and will not irritate the scalp.

Portable size which makes storage easy.

Fine bristles show no brush lines when seeking hair down.

Can be used as a beard brush to gently detangle and brush down the beard.

Who can use it: All hair types can use this hair brush.

When putting hair in a style, use the soft bristle brush to brush down hair. You can use the rat-tail comb with the edge brush lay edges or part hair to the desired style  


Step 7:

Continuous Mist Spray Bottle 


The continuous mist spray bottle sprays a generous amount of water, evenly to the hair. It also allows for wider distribution of water so as to evenly dampen the hair without overly saturating one section. The bottle is clear which makes it easier to see when you need to refill. 

After washday has passed and you need to re-moisturize your hair, use the spray bottle filled with water (you can add a little bit of conditioner and oil) to slightly dampen hair. Detangle with a wide tooth comb and continue to moisturize hair with the desired product  


Adding these washday tools to your essential haircare items is a definite must. Not only do they make washing and styling your hair much easier, but they are going to help solve your washday and post washday issues. 

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