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My Hairstory Johannesburg

By :Nyaki Tshabangu 0 comments
My Hairstory Johannesburg

Johannesburg magic, that’s what comes to mind when I think of the 11th of May 2018 at 27 Boxes in Melville.

We took Johannesburg by storm with our annual My Hairstory event and boy was it a takeover. Awesome is an understatement. Jozi did not let us down with the turnout of over 500 people that just wanted to have a good time. Drinks were flowing thanks to Pearly bay sparkling wine (KWV wines) and the music kept on playing, a big shout-out to our in house DJ Mthoko and songbirds Temsin Robyn and Beaucy Nkosi.


The headline sponsor Vatika Afro Naturals, had a pop-up salon where their skilled hairstylist did the perfect twist-out, pinned with the cutest hair accessories. They switched the high puff to a luscious crown and sis when we tell you about the side flat twists on the Mohawks! Perfection materialised! Vatika Afro Naturals being a newly launched range, had their new products on display for everyone to feel, see and smell (a feast for the senses we tell you.)


As I Am had a beautiful welcome lounge as you walked into the venue where the newly launched brand displayed their products and offered scalp checks. Their beautiful stylist did live demos and taught some of you ladies the “shingling method” – Google that honey such a handy trick for us 4C ladies. Sis, these brands were really doing the most, it was a vibe!


As subjective as this may sound, the vibe was pure perfection. The only thing that was missing was the soulful sound of Erykah Badu but we must admit, hearing the performer sing Grown Woman by Beyonce with the whole crowd singing along and dancing makes for a better scenery.

If Adam and Eve were alive, they probably would have thought that our stage is the Garden of Eden. Imagine a perfectly curated mini plant garden, nature placed in all the right places. The space was filled with beautiful people, amazing hair, all around laughter and let us not forget about the good music in the background. The hosts were amazing. If you know Nyaki and Lindiwe then you know how lit it was, if you don’t know these ladies then you should come out of hiding and follow the natural light, they are the reason we all came out to slay!



The foundation of MHS centres on the education about hair. Let us just have a moment of appreciation for the beautiful panellists and their powerful words. The panellists in no particular order were: Yolenda Jawe from Yolz Channel, Aisha O’Relly from Aish & Life, Jackie Mondi an Educator, Zulaikha Patel a young black activist, Taryn Gill from The Perfect Hair, Sonto Pooe from Native Child, Thokozile Mongwiro from Nilotiqa, Joan from Jems Of A Natural, Carice Anderson from Adore Your Hair Beauty, Yvonne Diogo from Nubian Crown, Deborah Tumbo from Tumbo Scott ,and Smangele Sibisi from Indalo Nubian Naturals. 



Take a breath curl friend, we know that it is lot to take in and trust us it was a lot. The panellists addressed different topics. The variety in expertise made the conversations interesting as the perspectives were different, and we all grew mentally from all their wisdom. The discussions were not just about how to take care of your hair, it was about growing a business, growing the community and the challenges we all face because we look the way we do.


If you missed the throwbacks and the overflowing posts about how we filled up 27 Boxes and making new curl friends, then sis it is safe to say that all of us are still pretty much in awe of the whole event. It is one of those feelings that do not fade away easily. Did you see the goodie box? Wash days are covered for months sis (it’s that great!)


Natural Hair Co did it again and I cannot wait for the next one.


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