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Mastering Wash Day

By :Nyaki Tshabangu 0 comments
Mastering Wash Day

Written by Gizelle Louw

Hair GROWS! For those of us who constantly check how long our strands have grown over a period of a month… or like most of us who are oh, so excited to check new growth after just a week of wearing braids.

Any kind of growth takes time, that includes the growth of our hair. Yep, with patience and care hair does grow!

AS I AM held their first masterclass in Cape Town in partnership with Cape Town Naturally. The day was rather chilly but, Tumelo (also known as Tumi, natural hair stylist from As I Am) and Joan (Jems of a natural), the host of the masterclass warmed our spirits with their welcome. Tumelo has been a hairstylist for twenty years. There was no game-changing African professionals at the time and as a result of that, we were not represented in salons. We became accustomed to that miracle white cream that straightened the kinks out of our roots… and all our mothers were doing was protecting us.

Like most of us, Tumi’s journey started out of curiosity.

“What would my hair look like if I do not use relaxer or burn out the kinks by blow drying my hair with enough heat to set off a fire alarm.”

Her curiosity of natural hair spurred into a career that over time became a platform for her to educate those of us who had no clue how to handle natural hair. She became one of those game-changing African women who wanted natural hair to be represented because beauty is borderless, there is no such thing as a standard of beauty because we were all created differently and poses our own form of beauty.

The AS I AM masterclass took those of us who only have memories of school back to class. Tumi reminded us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to our hair.

The beautiful audience was introduced to the AS I AM core collection as well as the Long and Lux  collection that’s infused with great fruit extracts like pomegranate, passion fruit and so much more. If our hair strands had taste buds those products would be devoured instantly. The smell, a feast for the nose. Luckily for us, our hair wasn’t the only ones feasting, the spread laid before us would bring every foodie to tears!

As we know, every product has a function. Asiam Core Collection has 4 steps


Step 1: Cleanse & Conditioning 

First things first, wash day would be incomplete without a proper cleansing ceremony. The AS I AM cleansing range has 3 different cleansers namely:

  1. Curl Clarifying Shampoo to remove all product build up as well as environmental impurities,
  2. the Cleansing Pudding for the drier winter months so your hair can get that extra TLC. The cleansing pudding serves as a cleanser as well as a moisturiser which serves as a soothing scalp treatment.
  3. Co-wash. What would life be without co-wash? The coconut cowash is an effective and gentle way to cleanse your scalp especially for those days when time is not on your side.

Step 2: Treatment 

Step aside Victoria’s secret, we got the real deal! According to Tumi it is advised that you deep condition every 2,3 or weeks depending on your texture and condition of your hair. What are your thoughts? Let’s chat on social media

  1. The Detangling Conditioner provides an easier release of tangles that saves your cuticles from the pressure caused by the pulling of hair. It moisturises and promotes shine and prepares your hair for styling at the same time (amazing right!)
  2. Like your body, your scalp has to hydrate too. The Hydration Elation provides a hydrating treatment that penetrates through the scalp and strengthens weak areas and repairs split ends.
  3. Tumi says from her experience with the As I Am Leave-In Conditioner, she has found thar it improves the integrity of your curl pattern and brings out the best in every unique texture of Afro Hair. It eases wet combing (no need to tug on those strands honey) and aids with strengthening hair and seals the cuticle and supports hair growth.

Step 3: Moisturizing 

First of OIL IS NOT A Moisturizer!! Tumi and Joan took us to school on this 1, by emphasizing the use of the LOC, LCO or LCB method (check out our hair dictionary). Being ashy is not what the gods wanted for us, which counts for your hair too boo. The core collection has blessed us with moisturizers. The use of moisturizers is very much dependent on your hair structure here is how you use the following:

  • Individuals with coarse, fine and medium hair will opt Double Butter Cream because it is great for hair that feels brittle, rough and dry. It locks in moisture and gives dull dry hair moisture and shine.
  •  Fine & medium hair will opt for Moisture Milk as it hydrates those curls and coils and leaves them looking healthy and soft to the touch.
  • However, there is 1 that loves us all equally the So Much Moisture it is exactly what the doctor ordered for severely dehydrated hair. It is everyone’s friend as a moisture extender & also recommended for very fine textures.

Step 4: Styling 

  • Tightly Coiled Kinky coarse Hair – Twist Defining Cream
  • Fine Medium Coils – Coil Defining Jelly
  • Loose Curls – Curling Jelly

With these tricks on how to get yourself Healthy Happy Hair we hope wash day will now be a breeze!

The masterclass was indeed a marvellous. We even had the amazing, vivacious Hunter Rose; an up and coming local vocalist whose harmonic voice took us to the pearly gates. The class encouraged us to master the patience we need to have for the growth of natural hair. To master the kinks and curls and to turn all those negative stereotypes into beauty types. Lastly, the class was a representation of women who embodied naturalism. One thing I personally took away beside the heavenly goodie bag was to love myself just AS I AM.

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