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Hairline Loss

By :Thando Mavuso 0 comments
Hairline Loss
One of the most common types of hair loss amongst naturals and people in general is hairline loss. Before we get into hairline loss we need to understand hair loss first. 
Hair loss is also referred to as alopecia and there are different types of alopecia. Hair loss can occur naturally due to genetics or hormones. Androgenic hair loss also known as hereditary hair loss occurs when the hair strands thin and stop growing completely as you age, this shortens the times your hair goes through the growth cycle to which at some point it doesn't grow any more.  
Hormonal hair loss is caused by an access of certain hormones in the body such as testosterone and this rushes the hair growth cycle in the shedding phase. Hormonal hair loss is popularly known through postpartum hair loss.
Other types of alopecia include traction alopecia which occurs through constant pulling of the hair. This is the most common way to lose hair on the hairline because of tight protective styles that tug and pull on the hairline.Traction alopecia can be treatable with products and stimulating the hairline and promoting growth; however this is in the early stages and there hasn't been a lot of pulling on the hair. 
Constantly doing tight protective styles like braids and still styling them in tight high buns causes a lot of tension on the hair and this pulls the strands from the roots. Other types of hairstyles can also cause hairline loss when done excessively like high buns or any style that pulls the hair. When this is done constantly it might cause baldness. 
Here are some things you can try to avoid hairline loss:
  • Ensure that your hair stylist does not tug on your hairline. If you get your hair done by another person it is important to tell them not to pull on your hairline, Even if they say it makes the hair look much neater.
  • When you get styles like braids, avoid putting them in tight buns all the time. It is so much easier to want to put your braids in a bun however the weight and tension caused by the pulling does pull on the hairline and results in hair loss.
  • Avoid doing styles like high buns all the time. We all love high buns but the constant pulling, no matter how little it feels, gradually adds up and the tension overtime causes breakage and hair loss. 

Okay let's say you already have made some mistakes and you realize that your hair is breaking or you have lost some hair, here are some things you can try to grow your hairline again.
  • Massage your hairline with a growth oil. Massaging your hairline stimulates growth as it promotes blood flow to the scalp and thus activates the first stage of hair growth in that area.
  • Use growth formulated products. Using products that are scientifically made to grow your hairline can speed the process of growing your hair back. You may need to consult with a doctor before using some of these products. (Like Feso Hair Growth Formula
  • Consult with a professional to get medical treatment. In some cases, the above do not help and this is when you are supposed to see a professional; in this case it would be a tricologist which is a scalp and hair doctor. Feso hair clinic in Rivonia 

We have all been victims of hairline loss which is why it's important to notice everything you do to and with your hair. See you in the next article.

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