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Hair loss in men

By :Thando Mavuso 0 comments
Hair loss in men

Hair loss is common and can happen to anyone. The reasons for hair loss vary and before we get into the reasons and solutions let's define what hair loss is. 

Also known as alopecia, hair loss is when hair stops growing on parts of your scalp. This could be gradual or instant. Gradual hair loss starts with thinning of hair strands and as time goes the hair stops growing all together. Instant hair loss usually happens when the hair strands get pulled from the root. Baldness then occurs once the hair loss is excessive. Baldness can be permanent hair loss however; depending on the severity; seeing a professional can help get the right treatment and your hair grows again. 

Contrary to popular beliefs, men experience the most hair loss. The cause varies from hereditary to medical and general health issues. Hereditary hair loss is also known as male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. It is a genetic condition which reduces the time in between the hair growth cycle which causes the hair to thin and stop growing completely. Hereditary hair loss is the leading cause for hair loss in men. 

Other major players in hair loss amongst men are medical conditions, certain medication and other stress inducing situations. Hair loss can be a side effect to some medical conditions and it can also be a side effect to certain medication especially that that is meant to treat cancer, depression, heart disease and many others. 

It is important with all these causes to see a doctor to determine which solution is best for you and to discern if the hair loss is treatable. Seeing specialist like trichologists can result in better and quicker safer results than self medicating. 

Thats all we have for today, see you next week with another articles.   

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